If Jada Pinkett Smith Were A Man Would The Bald Joke Matter?

Why is so much more outrage put into making fun of bald females than males?

Will Smith created quite the controversy after taking offense to a joke by Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscar Ceremony.  Ironically Will initially laughed at the joke but after seeing the look on his wife’s face decided to commit assault and battery.

Several talking heads have stated that the joke was out of bounds because Jada has a “medical condition”.

Jada is bald.  In females they tend to call this “alopecia”.  I guess because it draws more sympathy than “female pattern baldness”.


al·o·pe·cia | \ ˌa-lə-ˈpē-sh(ē-)ə

Definition of alopecia

: loss of hair, wool, or feathers

I place the Merriam Webster Dictionary definition here, because it conflicts directly with those stating that alopecia is different than baldness.  It’s not. Period.

The only reason to change the definition of alopecia is if you want to want to justify selective outrage that otherwise is actually completely hypocritical.

If you naturally lose hair where it used to grow it is known as alopecia. Regardless of whether you are male or female.  There are different biological reasons for why your body stops growing hair.  But why does the specific biological reason why you lost your hair make a difference as to the rage meter associated with bald jokes?

The same people stating the joke was so inappropriate better start canceling every bald joke they run across.  They are going to be very busy.

Rather than cranking up the moral outrage meter over a lame joke a better idea would be to understand that every year The Academy picks  a comedian to roast the guests during the broadcast.  It is a way of perhaps not letting celebrities become to big for their britches and show that they aren’t delicate flowers.

Do we want every person that is roasted getting up and physically assaulting the host?

 Actually it would make the inane broadcast more watchable.

But in the meantime let’s stop with the hypocritical moral outrage based on one’s tribe and brace for, “Academy Awards Oscar de La Hoya Slap Fest 2023”!

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