Tim Cook Supports Ukraine in Word Only

Feb 25, 2022

Today the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook expressed his support for the people of the Ukraine.

Any support for the people of the Ukraine is a positive thing, but stating the sentiment and then carrying on business as usual rings hollow when people are being murdered and maimed.

Tim Cook is in a somewhat unique position, at least as compared to the average citizen.  He can punish China by letting them know he will begin finding elsewhere to build and sell his products.

This is significant as Putin would most likely not be able to carry out his invasion of Ukraine without the backing of China.

China is not only allowing the invasion it is most likely encouraging it as a way to see what the world’s reaction might be when China decides to militarily reclaim Taiwan.

Hollow sympathies from people that are actually helping Putin should be called out.

If Tim Cook was honestly worried about world peace and the fate of his fellow man he would forgo maximizing his shareholders short term profits and build a company that is not reliant on countries that suppress their own populations freedoms and human rights.

No country is perfect, but China and Russia as large first world nations are unique in their absolute disregard for the personal freedoms of their citizens.

Put your money where your mouth is Mr. Cook or shut up.

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