It’s Not a Big Ask. Just Wear an Effin Mask.

Yes masks help slow the rate of infection. Not wearing one helps increase the rate of small business bankruptcies.

If you believe masks don’t help stop the spread COVID-19 you’re just wrong.

No one is saying that they PREVENT COVID-19, just that they HELP prevent COVID-19. 

Take a look at the densely populated countries that have normalized people wearing masks when ill.  Places like Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Jakarta.  All of these countries have people living in much closer confines than most of the United States.  The rates of infections in these places have remained relatively low comparatively.

Here in the United States the residents in New York City have embraced wearing masks after getting a first hand look at the devastation COVID-19 can bring.  The slow reopening of the city has not shown any signs of a concerning uptick in cases.

On the other hand, if you look at States where there was a vocal segment of the population that literally shamed people FOR wearing masks. many of those states have seen infection rates soar.

States where the top public officials refused to wear masks on camera, for whatever reason, now have the highest infection rates in the country, Arizona and Florida. Some of those same Governors are now wearing masks.

And, NO, the fact that lots more people are being tested does not mean that the infection RATE is not rising.  The percentage of the people being tested being positive for COVID-19 has soared.

In Arizona, just 5 weeks ago, only about 4% of people being tested were coming back positive for COVID-19. Now almost 11% of people are coming back positive.  Three times as many people in the population are carrying COVID-19 than 5 weeks ago.  That has NOTHING to do with the NUMBER of people being tested.

If you continue to want to be a dolt and question the effectiveness of masks in slowing infection rates, here is the one unarguable reason to still wear one.  Do it for your favorite small business owner.

If states slowly begin shutting down all over again because cases soar and hospital beds run out, it will be the bars and restaurants, and the hair dressers and the small merchants that will die. Financially die that is.

So if you hate small business owners continue to press the flesh in large groups and breathe on fellow shoppers and generally be an uneducated selfish asshole so that you can destroy hundreds of thousands of small businesses across the country.  It’s your right after all.

The one silver lining in all of this?  We now no longer have to wait for you to begin to speak to realize your a dumbass. Your brazenly bare face with your practiced look of defiance uncluttered by a silly mask in a crowded public space says it all.

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  1. Gloria

    Harsh. But true. Also wearing the mask under your nose completely leaves YOU exposed to the virus and substantially increases exposure to others if you happen to have the virus.

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