Why We Force Companies to Lie

Are you the CEO of company that you are trying to grow? Are you interested in getting some investors to put a good deal of cash into your company? How do you get those potential investors over the hump and get em to open their coffers and pour a good dose of green backs on the ember of your company and let it burn baby burn?

Its Easy! You lie. Tell them whatever it is they need to hear.

The reality is everyone knows what is going on.  So just go along.

Create unrealistic time frames for profitability. Exaggerate future demand.  Or if demand really is stellar, lie about your ability to meet the production goals necessary to service that demand.  For every question you have a pro growth, pro profitability, super pro answer that allays all concerns.

What you never, ever do, is answer any question with the truth. Which in most cases would be the response, “I don’t know.”

That’s right, people can’t handle the truth and they want you to lie to them. Just tell them what they want to hear. Don’t fill my head with the obvious truth that much of the future of any company is just, well, unknown.  Just tell me how we are going to be the next Amazon.

That’s right, WE DEMAND that these companies lie to us, but then if things go south we are so damned mad that, well THEY LIED TO US.

In short we live in a society that in which the answers to many questions is an honest, “I don’t know.” But people that answer, “I don’t know” are obviously idiots that don’t deserve our time and should be ridiculed for their obvious ignorance.

Huh, you know the most consistently self assured people that I have ever met? Toddlers.

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